Henrik Lindberg set of in 1984 to look into the designing side of his father’s optical business. He would later go on to be recognized as one of the great creators of luxury bespoke eyewear! The combination turned out to be a winning recipe; skilled optician and innovative engineer.

Together they launched a classic masterpiece which later became a staple in ophthalmic frames. It seemed they found the perfect combination of customization and style. In Henrik Lindberg’s words, “We are looking for the best function and the perfect fit – this is the exact opposite of fashion for fashion’s sake.”

Now Lindberg is worldwide leading manufacturer of bespoke eyewear made with a focus and commitment to exquisite quality and distinguised design. In fact, it has whirled in 59 international design awards, and this includes the 1993 design of the century awards at the Grand Palais in Paris.

Selling Lindberg is a prestigious privilege! The company works with a selected group of specialists who are skilled to tailor the frames according to the customer’s needs, even at a short notice. This is how they have found the sweet spot between personalization and convenience.

Distinctive Vision For Distinguished Eyewear Enthusiasts

Lindberg frames are one of the lightest frames manufactured on the planet –but don’t let their weight fool you. Lindberg frames continue to be one of the strongest, most durable and flexible frames available. The lightness is attributed to the material, design, and absence of hardware such as rivets, welds, and screws – which have been removed.

In order to ensure perfect quality, Lindberg retains its team of seven highly skilled designers and engineers but they foster originality. Lindberg designers understand their customers’ demand for trendy, fashion-forward styles and they achieve this through their team of artisans. Lindberg likes to ensure every frame is manufactured to protection so they monitor all production through automation. This makes them a little opposed to outsourcing practices, however, their frames get the best and finest handwork through the Philippines plant.

The original Danish custom made designed frames weigh as little as 1.9 grams and are made from untainted non-allergenic titanium. Lindberg uses only a particular type of titanium that is exceptionally lightweight, flexible and strong, which is also used for dental regulations and pacemakers. The original screw-less design gives your glasses the most sophisticated look.

The emphasis of the frame design is on lightness and comfort. To achieve the flawless fit, each pair is created in accordance with a customer’s facial measurements – slides down the nose or pinches the temples! The color on these handmade frames does not chip due to the electrolysis technology deployed. Unique, specialized nose pads guarantee the greatest level of comfort.

Not one to miss important details, the Lindberg family adds a finishing touch of high-end packaging that is modeled after higher-end watches for the most discerning customer. You will find Lindberg styles for men, women and many androgynous styles.

Fit For The Crown

The Lindberg glasses are worn by a number of celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Simon Cowell, Nick Hewer, Daisy Lowe and a number of famous politicians.

The wealth of unique color combinations and a limitless number of shapes and styles make these glasses a true hit. With the groundbreaking Lindberg Now software, patients can actually build their own frame!

It is all about clean solutions: lightweight, custom fitting, flexible, handcrafted and great functionality minus the screws!

The Danish Royal Family, business tycoons, politicians and high-profile celebrities all wear the Lindberg. The company has been granted an exclusive “Royal Warrant Appointment by the Danish Court“. This is a privilege granted only to leading companies that furnish goods to the Royal Family.

A True Luxury that Cares About Comfort First

The elegant Lindberg Precious collection is truly exclusive! The statement spectacles are crafted of 18-carat solid gold, platinum, musk, buffalo horn, and ox horn. These are inlaid with diamonds, and mammoth tusk – isn’t it pure luxury?

The natural horn frames are truly unique. Combining rare organic material with the modern design and smart engineering approach, each temple boasts unique variations of color and markings. The real statement accessory that will last a lifetime. Darker frames create hipster’s look that some of the customers find so appealing while lighter patterns are melting with the color of your skin.

Even the most bejeweled of Lindberg frames are discreet, they are truly an indulgence that is not loud, that cares about comfort first, and that is fashionably simplistic!

The crafting processes are so much personalized: from the time a customer makes an inquiry to the moment he receives the fittings, he is treated like a special individual. And what is more, he is called for a special service appointment, just to ensure that his Lindberg glasses stay and look as good as it did on day one! The company never compromises on customer service!

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